Much of your frustration in ministry can come from you wanting to have your hand on to much stuff at the same time, and not the things that God has placed you over. At times we tend to get out of “our lane” of ministry and start stressing about the “other parts of the church.” Remember that you are called to where you are serving now, so make it the best you can. If you have concerns or you think that you can do a better job in a different area of the church, then go talk to those people about it. But wasting time and stress thinking about it and wanting it all to change does you or your ministry no good. Keep the main thing the main thing. If you are doing youth ministry then do it and stop worrying about how the church spends there money on missions. If you are in worship ministry, then stop worrying about how the children’s ministry does their welcome center. It doesn’t matter, stay focused on where you are now, and become the best you can in that area. This will bring you major stress relief and your ministry will be better for it. If you can’t help but have your hand in all of the ministries, then go be a senior pastor….

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