Catalyst Day 1

Today was a great Day at Catalyst Day 1.

The morning opened up with Kari Jobe singing revelation song.

Here are a few of my favorite things of the day.

Andy Stanley

  • Leaders change things and always leave a mark
  • God takes full responsibility for a life wholly devoted to Him (Charles Stanley)
  • Its not who’s for you or against you its who are you for.
  • Your mark is to small to worry about, worry about Gods

Malcolm Gladwell

  • Incompetence irritates me, but overconfidence scares me. Incompetent people rarely have the opportunities to make mistakes that greatly affect things. But overconfident leaders and experts have the dangerous ability to create disaster.
  • We think we need daring and bold decision making from our leaders in time of crisis. But we don’t. We need humility.
  • QUESTION: What are the warning signs for leaders being to overconfident?
    When you stop listening to those around you. You cut yourself off from others.

Shane Hipps

  • Christianity is fundamentally a communication event. God uses many media channels.
  • You don’t have to be afraid of breaking the gospel. The gospel has no room for fear. All you have to do is love.
  • To explain how something can always change but never change is like this… a man always stays a man but he constantly changes from a baby to an old man throughout his life. A mustard tree will always be a mustard tree but simultaneously always be growing and changing.
  • As each tree grows higher and higher, its roots grow deeper and deeper. The Bible has untouched diamonds buried in it that need roots to grow deeper in order to discover them. But in order to do that we must become gardeners of the gospel rather than fearful guards.

Rob Bell (One of my Favorites all Day)

  • I was recently talking to you pastor who said he wanted to quit. So I asked him to draw a pie chart of what he does every week. He had been a pastor for a year and wanted to quite every day. So I asked if he practiced Sabbath.
  • If you have a burden of feeling like you have not accomplished enough, God wants to set you free from that. Jesus wants you to simply enjoy the place that you are at and the work that is in front of you.
  • Is there any way in your ministry, that you have neglected to take care of yourself? You need to love your neighbor as yourself. You need to take care of yourself so that you can be energized. Which day do you take care of yourself, so that you can give during the other six days of the week?
  • Does your spouse get your very best, or does your spouse get what is left over from the church? Do your kids get your very best, or do they get the scraps? Our children pick up on what really matters to us without us saying a word.
  • If it is not going well at home, it will not go well at church. Jesus invites us into a peaceful, calm place in the center of his love.

Matt Chandler

  • Somehow the idea of confession and repentance has become negative. It seems like the longer we are Christians, the more we think you shouldn’t be confessing things. The problem is, well… the Bible. 1 John 1.5-10 says if you live and walk as if you are sinless, you are a liar.
  • Look at every delay as an opportunity to deepen the waters with the God of the universe. It is a lack of gratitude and therefore a sin that causes you to want to be something that you aren’t. A day is coming when history in your life will be rewritten as it really is. Your role is bigger than you think.
  • Look to Jesus because He is the founder of our faith. Without Him there is no reconciliation with God.

Francis Chan

Tonight Francis really just challenged us to release all stress, stop trying to save the world and sit back and just soak. Just take time to do nothing. Praise God for where you are and love Him for what you have become. This was a great time of worship and relaxation. Much needed.

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