Today I am MOC which means Minister on Call. What this means is that I am the one for the West campus that gets the calls when people need counseling, prayer, walk ins, whatever it is that goes on that day is my duty to make it happen, if there is a death I deal with it all the way to the funeral.

There have been days when I am like “oh no today I am MOC.” Then when ministry starts to happen that day I love it. I need to always be MOC, not just the days that have been assigned to me. I should constantly be looking for ways to minister to those that are hurting or just need to talk. I should see this as a blessing and not a thorn in my side. I am called (as a Christian) to look to help those in need. I am always on call, for the rest of my life. Why would I try to side step that opportunity. Why? Because of selfishness… That is the true answer. So I challenge you to stop hiding from opportunities to do ministry and go about your day looking for them. They are out there, you just need to be aware of them and not yourself.

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