Amanda Winter

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of helping in a memorial service for Amanda Winter, Amanda is Connie Winters (Connie is the Admin Assistant for our High school Ministry) daughter. She passed away on Monday morning, I love Connie and Tommy Winter so much and hate this loss for them. The amazing part of it is that she is with the Father RIGHT NOW! We may be having a memorial service for her here on earth, but she is in an amazing worship service in heaven that will never stop. She loved to sing, and that is what she is doing right now, singing to the Father. Connie said it best when she said,

“We are not burying Amanda, we are birthing a ministry!”

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  1. My son, Justin and Amanda went to high school together in Castroville TX. They both had the same birthday and got along great. I had always hoped they would be more than friends but that didn't work out. Justin had just talked with Amanda a month or so before her death and she was telling of her nursing school and how happy she was. Our family was terribly saddened by her sudden death. She was such a lively person and had an outstanding personality. Our prayers go out to Connie, Tommy, Michael and Adam and the rest of the Winter family on your loss. Amanda is now in God's house and he is watching over her now. The Gobars – Pat, James and Justin

  2. I have no words to describe her,all I can say is that I would trade my own life to see her again, she was like i told her once an Angel, and she will always be my Angel

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