Renewing Our Mind.

Renewing Our Mind!
Last night was an amazing night at Next Level Camp. It was a night to remember! I had been praying like crazy building up to this night. I was totally expecting God to show up this night. The talk was on Transformation, Romans 12.1-2. I used this verse and talked about how are mind has got to be renewed and transformed. As I was preparing I was really challenged on how new Christians in the beginning of our walks were so excited about our “New life.” Our mind was truly brand new and transformed and we talked/thought/acted different. Then something happens and we start to talk/think/act like the world and there is absolutely no difference in our lives. If you were to ask some of your lost friends if they thought you acted like what they “thought” a Christian was, what would they say? I challenge you to really look at your life, and the way that you live, is there a difference.
We are transformed by the renewing of our mind…
– When our mind is new we see things different.
– When our mind is new we love people different.
– When our mind is new we think different.
– When our mind is new we act different.

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