I think it is funny when we make resolutions, everyone is all giddy about the new stuff they are about to start doing… like, “I’m going to lose weight.” I’m going to start going to church” I’m going to stop smoking.” These are some of the most popular resolutions each year. I am wondering how your resolution is going? Honestly, you have probably forgot what it was and have started making excuses for not meeting it. That is very typical! I challenge you to really try this year, make this year different. We have 6 months to do so..

Here were mine.. This is from a blog written on January 1, 2009
1. Memorise all of Collosions
2. Finish a Half Ironman (Swim 1.2 Miles/Bike 52 Miles/Run 13.1 Miles)
3. Break all of my running and triathlon times in 09
.4. Meet 50 lost people, and slowly introduce them to Christ.
5. Read 25 Books.
6. Start writing my book.

Stay tuned to see how these are going…

2 thoughts on “Resolutions…

  1. What a challenging list!I especially like 4 and 5.I didn't make any resolutions this year, though I did have a huge desire to meet a ton of lost kids at the local high school campus and reach them. The adventure has had it's ups and downs.I appreciate you being willing to revisit these resolutions! I don't know anyone else who has talked about New Years resolutions in August!

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