Whats in a name…

There has been some talk about why we call us 210 students. The reason we call us 210 is because students have associated that name with a place they can come and worship, be accepted and deepen there walk with Christ. Is it a big deal that you have a name? No… No one cares about your name until your brand is established. When you say a brand name you immediately think of the quality of the product/food/car/etc… You buy an ipod because you know it s going to be a great product. That is how your ministry should be. People should expect quality when they come to your ministry, when your shirt or whatever you have is out in the community what are people associating that with?

You should be doing everything you can so that the experience that people have is the best. I did not say the coolest, I just said the best. Why the best, because we work for the LORD GOD who is the best and who is the most excellent and there is a lost world that needs to see that.

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