“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.”
Today the JHIGH team met and mapped out the whole entire Fall Semester. We planned the talks and creative elements for every Sunday and Wednesday of the Fall Semester. Many people think that this is an easy task and it truly isn’t. Why not? Well because it started off with us going around and critiquing each other in ministry, and the ministry as a whole. This is so healthy to do, many organizations shy away from this because their pride will not allow them to do hear the things they need to change. Then we went around and thought of ideas that we have to make things “better.” As we were doing this the question kept coming up, why do we need to change it up, things seem to be working great?
Great question, here is why…
We must be upgrading our system, if you do not upgrade your system then you will continue to be slow and in the past. This is so common in many ministries all over the world. They think that they can continue to use the same system for years. Look at computers if they never upgraded then they would be so slow and old and no one could use them any more. TV’s now have to be upgraded or they will not pick up the digital signal. Look at Facebook, when it switched to the “new layout,” where all you saw at first was the status update page and everyone was all this is dumb, bring back the old facebook layout…. Then all of a sudden, BOOOM! everyone loves it and is updating their status like crazy. Sometimes change hurts and is confusing and people don’t like it! But in reality, change is good, it is really really good. What is in your ministry that needs to be reevaluated, what do you need to upgrade.
Here is a great quote from Andy Stanley – “If you were to walk out of your organization and come back in, what would you change?”

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