I know I have said 100 times that I look forward to Friday mornings from 8-10am, because of my alone time with the Lord and how it is so sacred to me. I seriously get excited about it! I really do, I start thinking about it on Thursday mornings. I know that is weird, but for real it has been such a sweet time for me. I am excited because this has been the time that I have been able to really work on allot of my messages and think creatively. I am still bothered by the question what are we not doing? We are so good at doing, but what is it that we aren’t doing yet, that is a different way to do programmed ministry. This will continue to be an issue, but maybe tomorrow God can hook a brother up.
I also hope that you have some time alone with the Lord too. No not just a quiet time, but a time that is set aside that you have no distractions, just you and God. How is that for you… “Remember that if satan can’t make you bad he will make you busy”

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