This morning Shannon and I met at Life Time and played basketball. Now when we play it is not so much playing basketball. It is more of a mix of Football/Hockey/basketball with a little bit of Rugby. So when we play we are just pounding each other so hard. There are fouls, but you can never ever run out of fouls, so that is good for me. When we were playing 3 people came in and said “Wow, are yall friends how do you not kill each other.” It just hit me that so many people were watching our every move and we did not even know. Shannon and I were talking and I got a little spiritual.
People are always watching you! People are going to watch what you do. Your life as a Christian is a fish bowl, and you must live in such a way that Christ is shown through your life. If you knew that someone was watching your every move would you live different. Would you talk different, would you listen to different music, would you watch different movies, would you not text the things you do. What is your life showing?

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