The Thinking

So if you read my post the other day about doing programed ministry in a new way is still heavily on my heart. We met this morning as a JHIGH team and did some thinking on what we can do. It is so hard to think this way, we are trying so hard to not do the same thing we always do. I cant stop thinking about it, I feel stupid even trying to explain what I am thinking because people truly don’t understand what I am trying to get across. It is still in the planning and thinking and praying part.
I am excited about Wednesday night, this Wednesday we start a new series called Overflow. We have our Chinese exchange students in there. They will be listening to the whole message via headphones and a transmitter that they will hear the message that I am giving in Chinese. I can’t wait.

One thought on “The Thinking

  1. suggestion: maybe something in your personal time with the Lord needs to start changing too. maybe this is a holy dissatisfaction that needs to start in your secret place. the old read your bible and pray for a little while is just not cutting it…it's time for THE more. ask for the H.S. to minister to you specifically in his creativity. read things like the shack that will get you thinking outside the box. love you brother and i sure do miss you.


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