This has the makings of someone making fun of me… But oh well.. I am in a new area of my ministry right now. I am tired of the same ole same ole… It is time for a change, it is time to switch up how we do programmed ministry. I say that with this in mind, I think there is more to doing a worship service than just having a speaker and some worship and maybe some video, and if your a little more old school, some stupid gross game. There is more than that, I truly truly believe it! I have been thinking about this for the past 3 days. I honestly am stumped for the moment, I have been praying for ideas and all kinds of stuff and will not stop. I feel that God has something better out there that is not happening. I am not talking about making a “cool set” or doing some “RELEVANT (MAJORLY OVERUSED WORD IN THE CHURCH)” I am talking about rethinking ministry from the stage! Someone once said “Hey, lets sing and then someone come up and preach.” Everyone was probably like genius! Yes then we got crazy and put words up on the screen, so that was just like WOW!!! words!! Now no one brings their Bible because it is all self fed to them. People then were like no no no now lets do lights with the band and the preacher. People will come for lights!! Bull, people don’t come because you have fog and lights. Did Jesus at the sermon on the mount say “Hey can you turn that light off it is blinding me?” He didn’t have some “walk on music.” not sure where that came from either. I am talking about something that we have not thought of… I have a few thoughts, all of these will be tested out at Plugged In, which is at 7pm on Wednesday nights… They may fail, we may “look stupid” trying. But I am doing it. It is worth it to me.. So stay tuned to see what happens, it may be a few years, but there IS MORE TO IT THAN WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW… It has been the same for years like 50 years….

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