This and That..

Every Friday and now sometimes Saturday I go to Starbucks in the morning and just study, I love it for many reasons. One is because I need noise around me to study, weird I know. I just cannot focus without other things going on around me. I can not write a new sermon with out it going on. Go ahead and go to web MD, and try to diagnose me but that is the deal.
Yesterday as I was sitting there, people at this table next to me were just talking about all the stuff that they had (house, car, girls, car, money, car, nav. in the car) and I was just blown away. I HOPE that I am not that way. I might be, what are you talking about to your friends, are you bragging on what you HAVE or are you content with where you are in life and just BEing. Again this goes back to our words. People are more impressed with what you don’t have then what you have then what you have. We always want more and more, when is enough….ENOUGH!

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