Overflow of The Heart…

I am learning allot about the heart lately. It stinks when I say something and then go “where did that come from?” Maybe you have done the same thing, or maybe you are in the habit of just saying stupid things all the time or acting in a rude/mean way. Then people realize wow I am saying allot of things that are hurting others or hurting YOU. Because in the long run you really are not hurting anyone but yourself and your ministry. Ministry as in how people look at you, not like if you work in a church and have a ministry. We are all ministers if you are a Christian. What are people saying about you? It is easy to know if you just sit back and look at how you act or the words that you use. People are going to “know you by your actions or words.”
Some will say, “no really it is not a big deal, how I act and the words I say don’t matter its not a big deal.”
I am learning that it is actually a HUGE deal… why? because

Luke 6.45 – “For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”
You can not argue with that, this says that what comes out of your mouth and the actions that we take, all come from within our hearts. Period! This is the words of Christ! He was no dummy, He knew what He was talking about. So why? Why, are you saying the things you do? Where did it come from, because the things didn’t just get there. It might have become a habit, and if it has it will take a habit to break a habit. So start a new habit of trying to speak and act only on the things that lift others up…

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