Day 4

Here is what I wrote every night as I laid in bed after each day. Followed by pics from each day.
Day 4
Today we woke up ate sausage and french toast and went and had devo at cave area today. Then did the rope ladder and some split to do power pole. But a ton of people got over heated with the sun bouncing off of mountain and so forth. So Claire Wasson went to nurse station then I went with her. Then left and went up and had a hamburger for lunch and then went to play in the water and had a challenge to get everyone over the dam they did it ten minutes faster than they were supposed to. Then played in the water and had fun, then ate a nice dinner of lasagna that they served us. Went and had a bible study at the out door amphitheater and then went and did zip line at night and then did build em up and now bed. Good night.

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