Day 1

Here is a daily journal of what we did every day, I would lay in bed after the day and write up everything that happened. Every day I will post the story and pics of what happened at camp eagle. So here is Day 1.

Day 1
We all got to camp at 6:00pm arrived played name games. We then went up and ate enchiladas for dinner, after that went and did a few more random games. Then went up and got hiking gear. Everyone got blind folds, and they asked me to lead them. So everyone was blindfolded and were holding onto everyone’s shoulders. I was moved by it because God has placed me in charge of all of these students and staff. I have got to be in tune with Him so that I can see the path he has for us. If I’m not then I will stumble I will fall, I can not allow things to get in the way of leading the people God has put me in charge of. So when we got up the hill we sat around a fire and talked about what we would like to happen this week, you could only talk when you had the ball in your hand. Now laying in bed. Thank you for this day!

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