Camp Eagle…

Today we leave for camp eagle. We have taken 21 student leaders to camp, we will be away from any communication until Thursday. I am writing this in advance. I will post our schedule of what we are doing everyday.
The reason for our camp is to get away and to build our dedicated leadership team. This is a team of 8Th graders that will assist us in leading the ministry this upcoming year.

Schedule of Day 1
Sunday 7/5/09 (THIRST)
6pm arrive
Name games until dinner
7pm dinner @ mi casa
8pm sand volleyball court games: twister and “can-can”
9pm blindfolded shoulder-chain hike to lookout (front load experience of thinking about what you want to get out of the trip)
Contracting at lookout with candles
Lead into bible study or smores (maybe Ann talks about astronomy) depending on attention span of group
Key word: “focus-in” talk
Possible bible study = presenting our understandings of 1. Love (by leann) 2. Salvation (by sarah) 3. Grace (by chris) 4. Hydration theme and our thirst for love, salvation, and grace (by Nick)BED whenever done

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