Being sick is no fun at all. I have come to realize that when I am sick I am no good and no fun to be around. It starts to mess with my mind at times. I have also learned that just because I am sick does not mean I need to slack on my time with the Lord. The other night I had a little break down and realized that I had not had any time with God since the sickness happened. So I had a great Quiet Time at 1am in the morning and I had another one this morning. God is so good and is always available. Not just when we want Him but all the time, He is the ultimate physician. Being sick is not fun, but I am trying to cause it to build me closer to the Lord so others will see Him in me at this time. Sorry to those I have been cranky or weird to. Please ignore those calls or whatever means I crazilly used to communicate. I also want to thank Erika for trying to take care of me, with a little care package and being sweet even when I have been so weird. God is healing me and I am becoming closer to Him because of this…
Praise HIM>..

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