If you know me you know that I get hurt on a regular basis, I hate it. So I have been injury free for 2 weeks. Today I was working out and well I was doing tricep pull downs, and when I pulled the pin out to change weight(lighter cause I am weak), the bar dropped so I grabbed the pulley deal that holds the weights and SMASH!!!! My finger was beautifully smashed by the pulley and weights. So I looked around and was trying to see if anyone saw this horrible pain that happen to me. I was in the clear so I quietly went to the bathroom and tried to stop the bleeding. I thought I had it all in the clear, tried to keep it on DL and continued working out. Looked down and there was blood (BLOOD-a) on my shirt. So I was like welp, I am done and out of here with a smashed finger and nasty blood stained white shirt.

So whats the point?

The point is that in life the same things happen in life. We do stupid stuff and we get hurt, and when it happens we try to pretend that we are not hurt, that the decision we made was ok. When we are obviously hurting so bad. You are screaming inside and just don’t want people to know that it seriously is killing you. We try to hide it and it is all over us that we are hurting, we try to get away and hide the pain and we can’t get away. It starts to infect everything about you. The whole time God is saying “HEY COME TO ME, I AM HERE….” He is the I AM, and HE IS… Go to Him, give it to Him, He is able…

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