Fun vs Work

It is full go for our team in 210 Students. We are working hard everyday to get ready for Beach Retreat! Our team will stay up at the church late untill they feel the day is done. Then come back early for a new day. This time of the year could make your team become very tired and cranky. Disagreements and disputes could happen, which we all are very aware of. There are a ton of people in the office all working for one goal. To bring as many people to Beach Retreat as possible so that they can experince God in a huge fresh way.

Satan knows this is going on, he wants to see your teams fight and to see us not get along. Well I am very encouraged that he has nothing on our team. It is so good to see that our team is growing closer together and closer to God. I truly can tell that everyone is doing all they can do to make sure they have spent time with God before they show up to work. This is of high importance to everyone on the team. If we don’t then we are told to leave and get it done.

So what about you?

Do you spend time with God before you roll up to work?

Are you allowing Him to speak to you on a daily basis?

If not start, satan is wanting to find you weak so that he can mess you up. God is there and wants to continue His relationship with you. Spend time with Him.

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