I think that I just sit and then it is like BOOOM! Got something so here is another ministry tip I have learned along the way…

Treat kids older than they are.

I work with Junior High kids, ages 12-14. They come in and are all expecting games and just fun for an hour on Wednesday nights and then just some goofy stuff on Sunday morning. Well that is not what we do that is not what I have ever done EVER! The ministries I have been apart of have not grown because kids are excited to put Peanut Butter on each others face, or drink a nasty drink of blended nast, or the 3 legged race… God is the only answer to growth!

But I think that if you treat a student with respect and show them that they are not just a “little/annoying/smelly/hitting puberty/loud/immature-Junior High/High school Kid” (as everyone calls them), then they will come back and bring everyone they know because they feel like you love them for them, and that you treat them with respect. We will very rarely do any sort of a game that is childish in nature. People will say oh, you have to that is why they come. No they come because they feel loved, love worship, never know what is happening, and like the speaker. Stats say that most first time visitors will come back because of the Communicator (this goes for “big church” to). So here is my challenge, instead of planning silly games. Plan on making an experience for you students so that the second they step into your ministry they experience the Love of Christ (greeting, etc) and leave feeling challenged and wanting more.

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