Time with God…

Yesterday in our staff meeting we had a list of different things that interns/staff can work on. The first thing was spend time with God. Now you probably just read that and were like uh yea duh! Well I think many times we take that for granted.
We were challenged by Brian, that if we have not spent time with God before you get to work then go and do it. I agree 1000% so many times we come to work and just show up based on the fumes that we had from a Sunday or Wednesday experience. That does you no good. If you are in ministry and you are leading people on a daily basis you should be in the Word daily. If you are not in ministry that goes for you as well. Don’t just show up and base your day on the little bit of “good stuff” you received from some service. You need to be growing because YOU have been in the word. So if you are reading this and haven’t I’m going to ask you to go and do it. I am….

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  1. I have heard countless messages and have been in the word plenty times only to look in the mirror and forget what I look like. I would say that if you read the Bible 20 hours a day and don’t go do what it says…it is in vain. SO basically what I am saying is that application should go hand in hand with learning God’s commands. Do what it says. It only works if you work it. Just a little encouragement ya’ll

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