Move your Announcements

This is the second part of some things that I have found out that have worked in ministry.

Move your announcements – Ministry can become so program driven, so much that where you stand in front of your people and you just spill out 5 different announcements and we are like COME TO IT ALLLLLL!!!! Then the event happens and no one has shown up. Well how about cut out some of your programs so that you can focus on just those that really matter. Simplify, people want to know what is going on as easy as you can tell them. Make you message and ministry easy. If you can’t explain in in a short announcement then you have to much stuff.

Do announcement’s via video- Try this nothing huge just a short little hey look up here and give your few announcements,
Do them with the slides – As people are walking in have the slides going with the video’s on them rolling. Teach them to always be looking at these. You can do this in the beginning/end/or the middle.
Let someone else do it – Let a kid or a cool volunteer do the announcement’s in a fun way.
Shorten them – Again keep it simple, the less the better. You know your announcements better than anyone in the room. Make sure you make it easy to understand. People don’t speak the same as you and visitors have no idea what plugged in is or Bible study or even Beach Retreat. Stop assuming everyone in the world gets it.. They don’t, if you doing it right you should have new people there every week.

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