This Week

This week I am going to give some tips that we do in programming and some stuff that has been working well for us this past year.
When we (Michael Head, Lauren Price, Kenny R, and Chris Hopf) plan out our Wednesday night service called plugged in we always try to NEVER do the same thing back to back weeks. We are constantly changing it up! We are always trying to keep the students guessing what is going to happen this next week. We never want anyone to come and to be able to predict what the service is going to look like. Here are some things to think about.

Move your announcements (or don’t do announcements and let your slides do it for you)
Switch the walk in music, to a video, music video, live band, rapper, DJ (please have something going on when people walk in your area, if not you just ruined the whole deal.)
-Make sure your transitions are smooth-This requires planning, if you don’t plan then you plan to fail.
Use visuals during the message.
-Don’t do the same ole band thing (go Acoustic, or no band at all)

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