I love love love, getting to spend time listening to great communicators preach! Some of my favorite are Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Craig Groeschel, Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley, I could go on and on! The way that I learn is not so much in the content all the time, yes I learn from the stuff they are teaching, but I like to watch how they speak, how they move, how they inflect their voice, how they just give a message or a talk. I watch the intro’s the outro’s and watch for how they react when they mess up. I love to just load my iPod with podcasts of speakers and communicators. I will drive/walk/run/chill and just listen and learn… You can never stop learning no matter where you are or what church your at. You must always be learning…
Ways that I watch or listen:
Podcast – You can go to itunes and download free podcast video or audio of all of these.
CD’s – Go to there ministry page and purchase some of the CD’s of their different times of speaking.
DVD’s – Same as above with the CD’s.

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