Growing in your walk

This week I am going to give ways that I feel are ways that I challenge my self daily or weekly in my walk..

Prayer- This past Sunday we started our second part of a 4 week series called going green. Meaning going back to the basics of Christianity. Prayer was this week. We talked about how prayer is just talking to God, how we so many times think we have to use big words or impress those around us with what we say in our prayer. God is NOT impressed with how many seminary words you can use in your prayer. He is not impressed with the length of your prayer He is impressed with you praying.

I constantly am trying to be in an attitude of prayer this mostly comes when I get up early, running, driving or just sitting in my office and stopping for a second and praying. Do I close my eyes and bow my head and look like I am praying no.. Not all the time especially not while driving. I just pray in my heart or softly out loud.

If you are in ministry well really if you are a Christian you should be constantly praying. Satan is wanting to devour you and if you are not seeking God through prayer you just became easy prey. Prayer changes you, you aren’t the same person if you are in prayer.. Why because your in constant conversation with the saviour. Who you talk to and hang out with is at times who you start to act like…. Try it this week try to focus on prayer.

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