OUR Schedule…

I am just sitting here thinking about how at times OUR schedule becomes the one that we live by. When the whole time God has this whole life already figured out. We have got to figure out that we are not in control of our lives our schedule nothing. When we surrendered to Christ to living the Christian life we said “yes Lord.” Yes we will do what you ask, Yes we will go with your plan, Yes Lord you are in control. He has given us the ability to make decisions, but for us to be successful in those decisions and not totally blow it, we must follow His plan.
How do we know what His plan is?
– Wait! We need to live life -yes, if you are in the Word, praying etc, then you “should” make wise decisions. If you don’t know what His plan is still, and you have a huge decision to make then just slow down. “BE STILL” – When we stop and chill we will be able to decide and see what His perfect plan is….

Remember He has a perfect plan and perfect timing, its not just by chance – He is God and He knows what He is doing. If He told you right now what He is going to do in your life you wouldn’t believe Him anyway.

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