Lone Star Tri…

Well I am done with the Lone Star Triathlon! Just want to say thanks to Erika and her family for coming out and supporting me it was fun to be competing and seeing them around the corners taking pics and saying “are you ok?.” That made it a more enjoyable.

Here is how it went – Started the swim at 7:15am and the water was cold (69 degrees), even with a wetsuit it was cold. I was struggling on the swim, knowing that I have not trained in 3 weeks and being sick I was afraid of the swim and the run. I pressed on and when I got out 22 minutes later I was so glad. Erika was yelling can you keep going, she knows I have been sick for a while. I was like I guess..

Grabbed my bike and took off- I felt good on the bike I was averaging 19.8 mph for 28miles. So that felt great, they had aid stations and one of the things they were giving at the stations were twizzlers which I tore up. I felt amazing on the bike and ranked 197 out of 784. I love riding and had a blast.

Then the dreaded run – The best part of the run was that at every corner was someone playing music live or recorded music playing over the speakers. I will just say that my body was saying stop, but I kept going. Didn’t do to hot on the run I was seriously hurting. It was 6.5 miles and I did it in 1:10 – not good at all. I ran that a month ago in a race and did it in 53 min. So obviously the ole body was hurting. Erika took some great pics which are soon to be posted.

The Lone Star Triathlon is by far the most organized Triathlon I have ever done. I was so impressed. They had so many aid stations with bottles of gatorade, twizzlers, power bars, gels, sponges, and wet towels, very good job by the organization.

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