Great Quotes from Mad Church Disease, thus far…

by Anne Jackson:

“I didn’t have the answer. But I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was so wrapped up in doing, I had forgotten how to simply be.”

How to be a vessel he can use
How to be a child to a Father
How to be a wife to my husband
How to be a light in a dark world

“Nothing will inhibit the Spirit from working in the church faster than bitterness. Than anger. Than pride. Than envy. Than laziness. Than lust. Than gossip. All of these things are deeply rooted issues that can spread and contaminate an entire body.

We become sick.
When we’re sick, how can we show a dying world health? When we’re hopeless, how can we show hope?”

“Cows don’t have much hope when they are infected with mad cow disease. Even though the process can take years, they die. There no vaccine. We’re a bit more fortunate. Satan’s sole purpose in life is to ruin us – but God’s sole purpose in life is to redeem us.

“Cows don’t get a second chance – but we are promised a second chance and more.”

“Satan loves to steal and destroy what God has intended for good. He wants us to kill our ministry, our passion , and our hope so that we’re useless. Through Christ, We’re made complete. It’s time to truly realize that – and to claim back what is rightfully ours.”

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