Has anyone ever come up to you and said "I forgive you?" It is such a great thing to hear/feel. If you have hurt someone or someone has hurt / "wronged you." The thoughts of forgiveness are usually the farthest thing from your mind. But forgiveness is the reason we get to have eternal life. Forgiveness looks like Christ!
Forgiveness is the only answer!
When we are forgiven or you forgive someone it is usually the one that did the forgiving that has healed and has realized they will now be looking more like Christ. They get it! They realize it! God has moved in their life, in unbelievable ways!
So I challenge you, who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to show God's LOVE to. Make it happen, do it now!
I'm thankful for those I have upset/hurt/wronged and they have chosen to forgive me.
Thank you…
Take some time today and read Psalm 51.1-10.

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