Take for granted.

This morning I had my little mentor group of 7th grade boys. We were talking about Romans 12:1-2 (offer your bodies as living sacrifices). Asked if they had ever heard this verse and they said no! NO! To most people reading this you have probally heard tons of sermons/teaching on this verse. But these boys had never heard it.
I realized right there that just because I've taught it a ton, or that we need to find something "new" to teah them, that most Students have not heard it. EVER… So, what are you teaching, who are you mentoring, what verses have you memorized.
This week try to not take "common scriptures" for granted, if "you've heard it before" then memorize it, teach it, tell someone about it.
The Word of God will never get old!!!

2 thoughts on “Take for granted.

  1. good reminder! i have been realizing this lately too how we think people know the “common stories” in the Bible, yet so often they never have! thanks for the reminder!

  2. My philosophy, approach every conversation as if the other party has never picked up a Bible. Not to be haughty – just to come at the conversation with a clean slate. We never know where God may want that conversation to go. Who knows, maybe we are sitting in the learner chair that day when we thought otherwise.

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