rodeo run…

I did the rodeo run in 53 min, this is not what I wanted, my goal was under 50 min. also for some reason I threw up when I was done. That has not happened in so long, something was not right. If you watch the video I am in blue and look funny and you can see me start to spew. So I will just use this to motivate me to do better.
I am officially 1 month away from the half ironman. I am nervous. I went to swim today, but I was extremely to tired. Not sure why, I want to do so good in it and have been so focused on my running, that I think I will do good in the run, just not sure about the swim.

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  1. Dude, congrats. Since you did a tri the week before, I think this time is really good. If I remember right, this pace is as good if not better than the 5k from Thanksgiving. By the way, you have a new PR at this distance.

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