Last night we took some friends and students to Breakaway. Breakaway is a night of worship with singing and teaching at Texas A&M University.

– They are doing a series called LIFE (The Story of David) – He talked about David being in the cave and had the chance to kill Saul. We are doing a similar series here called “What’s Next” the story of David.

Here is what I got from last night.

– The Aaron Ivey band led worship. (We had them for Premiere Weekend)
– The only lights that they used were still stage lights
– No moving backgrounds, just stills on 2 screens
– Speaker spoke for 40 min. then it was over no music after, no announcements, nothing.
– There was 1 song a welcome then 5 songs then speaker then done.
– College students were very engaged into the worship
– Selling T-shirts and CD’s in the lobby
– Greeted at every entrance of the building
– I really enjoyed the simplicity of the night. Not much glamor or anything at all, it is a very successful program and they are doing a great job.

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