Talk Prep. Process…

When I write a talk here is the process:

– Pray like crazy for a creative element that matches the Scripture I am using. (Any element, Video/Physical Illustration/Song/Trick

– Every where I go/watch/listen to, I am constantly looking for illustrations.

– Think of the depth of the Scripture I am using, think who is my audience and prepare the message toward that group

– Brain Storm with the message, I just write a lot of things down and see where that takes me.

– Study all of the verses surrounding the main verses I am using, get the whole story.

– Type my message into my computer (Just started this part, I realized that all of my messages are in my journal, so if I loose that journal then I am in trouble. I now have hard copies of the rough draft of the message)

– Take the typed message and re-write it into my journal. I do not write the whole message out ever, I just use short sentences and Key words. I then place those into my journal and try my hardest to memorize the talk.
– The day of I will go over the talk multiple times!

– 10 minutes before I will pray, then do a little funny stretch routine and do it!
– I try to constantly remember that I love the people I am talking to and that the purpose of me speaking is not for my Renown, but His!

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