Live it out…

Yes as of right now I am continuing to write a sermon for a funeral that I am doing tomorrow morning. As I have visited with the family and have gathered all kinds of information, it has really hit me that I need to really think about what people will say when I leave this earth. It seemed so easy for them to use words like integrity, funny, loyal, visionary. Those are priceless words and they are at some what of a peace about him passing since he will be with the Father. I was also able to add him as a friend on facebook and could look at all of the amazing things people have written to him. I found it interesting that he also in his last post that he wrote to someone before he passed was so nice. It was priceless and something that I need to think about what will be your last words, last posts, last website you looked at, the last person you were with, how you treated them. Just think about it…..

Back to writing.

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