Laughing as a Team

I absolutely love our team. The JHIGH team here at the West Campus consists of Lauren Price, Chris Hopf, Kenny Ruktantachoke and myself. We have so much fun! I truly am thankful for the fun that we have, I love it that we can laugh so much, but when we need to we can get serious, at times very serious. Everyone is always commenting (making fun of) on how I laugh at myself all the time. Well I just can’t help it, I have a blast at work. Yes, there are hard times, but most the time we are doing work and having fun doing it. We have the best job in the world, helping lead people closer in their walks with God. Why wouldn’t I be happy.

“When one hears laughter in the halls of an organization, when humor and good spirits enliven the breaks, when serious discussions are broken up by humor, it’s a very good sign the enterprise is healthy. Teams that emphasize fun and good spirits lift effectiveness.”
Billy Graham


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