Why can’t we?

Today most of the United States woke up early to unwrap gifts from family and friends. They are gathered around a tree laughing, crying and enjoying the Holiday. A ton of food is being eaten, some people are taking this time to drink. People are super excited about opening a “new” thing that they just unwrapped. Watch people as they are unwrapping, they are in the zone totally focused on what is about to be unveiled. Then it is total happiness or total defeat. The person who gave the gift is watching in excitement to the reaction of the opener. I think all of this is great I think this is typical and ok……

But here is the problem…
– Why can’t we wake up early and excited everyday about Christ, and spend time with Him.
– Why can’t we be gathered together in churches as families?
– Why is the Birth of Christ another day to get drunk?
– Why can’t we be excited about giving people the gift of Christ, and watch as they have total life change?
– Why can’t we keep our excitement about Christ year round, He never left us, quit on us, bailed on us, or forsake us. He IS, FOREVER, ALWAYS, INDESCRIBABLE – He is GOD who chose a manger and a cross for us.

This Christmas hopefully we can look at this day a little different, and when it is all over and we wake up on December 26th we are as excited about that day as we are today and so on……

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  1. Michael!This is incredible!!! I hope that some other people saw this today too! when i read it, it really hit me as to how i NEVER really looked at Christmas this way. Until last year everything Christian related was a blurr to me. Now that im involved in the church I have come to realize all these things more often. Usually on Christmas i will get mad or sad because i didnt get what i wanted or as many gifts as the rest of the family. Except there was something about this year, none of that mattered to me. I was excited i got an itouch and all that other stuff but i thought more of the Jesus side. Today was very special to me because i havn’t really looked at Christmas with a view like this. It was incredible! And i believe everything you said in your blog. It’s so true! thanks m-head!ilyy!! 🙂 Ashley Sewell

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