The Winner…

This has been a rough week… Absolutely no coffee, just tea. I am sitting in Panera right now and I am having the best tea of the week. It is the Panera Iced Green Tea. Seriously is great!

-On a ministry note, yesterday in a meeting we talked about giving away ministry. This is not a new concept just a good one to minister by. I like to say “replace yourself” or “work yourself out of your job” meaning teach people how to do ministry and let them do it. I am reading a book called Axiom today I read about that exact thing. Here is a quote

“no matter what type of church you serve and what continent you serve it, the temptation for all church leaders being blessed by God-given growth is to delight themselves fully in the unflux of new people but then forget to plan for how to actually assimilate those people into their ministry.”

Think about it. Are you so concerned with people coming that you forget to let people minister? Are you creating numbers or disciples?

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