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Here is an email I got from one of my former 8th Graders. She is in 9th grade now and looks like God is using her. Take some time and read this, it truly is an amazing story. Here it is with no edits at all…


So you’ve talked alot about getting saved and coming forward to christ. Which we all know is one of the most important moments in someones life. Everything around you changes, becomes alot clearer. I remember when I got saved, November 7th, 2007 at Big Wednesday. I started going to Second and just fell in love with the way you speak. Move. Act. Teach. Just everything. You and Brian both. Everything yall’ say just gets to me and I feel like it all relates perfectly to things I go through in my life. It inspired me to want to know God and have an actual relationship with him. So then I made the decision. Ever since I prayed the prayer, I wanted everyone around me to be able to have the same incredible feelings I did. So I tried as hard as I could to change someones life like you did mine. But there was something bothering me.. I knew someone living far away from God and that person was soo close to me. My grandpa. He means the world to me Micheal, You have no idea. Practicaly my bestfriend. But knowing he didnt get to share the amazing expeiriences with God like I do, killed me. I would try to testify to him, letting him know all about my new fresh start, but he wouldnt really listen. It seemed like he wanted to, but he felt like he didnt deserve to…
Then one day, something major happend to my family. May 21st, My grandpa got diagnosed with Terminole Cancer spreading through both of his kidneys to his heart, then brain. I felt betrayed… I felt like I didnt have anyone to turn to now. Thinking,”Why would God put us through so much pain.” But I talked to you. And of course, I realized what was really happpening. God is incredible and knows what he’s doing. I just needed to stay strong and loyal to my new way of life.
So now its been six months and 20 days since he got diagnosed. I was sick of just watching his suffer, and his life about to end and him just be suffering more. About 4-5 weeks ago, he got diagnosed with a new disease called VRE disease. I couldnt touch him or come in contact with him at all. Knowing I might not get to hug my pawpaw, or kiss him, or hold his hand ever again made me realize I needed to stand up and say somehting, I just didnt know when or where… So one day I was watching videos on youtube with my pawpaw and I found one from Second. I opended the link, and started to watch the different videos. Each one my grandpa would get more and more interested in as went along. The next day, my pawpaw got up the strength to call me and asked me to come down. I did and he was in tears. I was in shock. So I sat down and listened. He busted out crying even more saying how he was sick of living a life without God. So I told him he just needed to pray with me and repeat what I say. I prayed to him Micheal. I shared with him, what you shared with me. He said it and became a whole new person. Hes now saved. 76 years of following the worng path and always being unsure… All I did was show him the videos from plugged-in, big time weekend, and Beach retreat. Ive changed his whole life. Not only me, but you, brian, and everyone else at second. And Micheal, it all comes down to, now knowing every night that my grandpa will pass away any day now but he will pass the way ive prayed for him to know. The way through christ. He wont just die Micheal. He will rise. And I will always be able to say now I changed someones life by helping them with their walk with Christ. And not only anyone…But soemone who means the most to me.
Micheal, Thankyou so much for just being the way you are and loving Jesus Christ as much as you do and making me fall in love with learning more and more about his ways and stories. You truely amaze me and my whole family, I’ve honestly never met anyone who has changed my life like you.
To everyone at second…
Thankyou. Thankyou for all taking your time out to help me learn to know God and learn everything I know today. Truely heros.
-Mandi Leigh Slebodnik.
December, 10th 2008

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