Learning Part. 5

  • Choose to do what is right even when it is hard. The more successful you become, the harder it will be to maintain integrity. Small compromises early in the journey will make it easier to compromise on the big things later on.

  • Remember your character is always on display. It shapes your reactions, your abilities, your attitudes, and your priorities. Likewise, your character shapes the experience of those who choose to journey with you and therefore will determine who is left standing in your corner when the journey draws to a close.

WHAT!!! Read that again! No really read it live it do it. Your Character is always on display… Hello fishbowl. Your life is being watched… Who is around you that is watching all you do? Because someone is, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Learning Part. 5

  1. yes there is always someone watching, someone learning from watching, taking it all in…..who is watching you or me at that? take care.

  2. Brilliant words, I should try and live by it, sadly I think about my actions just as much as I did about cutting own hair last weekend .

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