I have recently decided to do a half marathon and have really picked up my running. I have been putting in almost 15 miles a week for some that’s not much for me that is great. I am so pumped about it. Why do I run?


Alone Time

Prayer (that I don’t die running)
Clear my head (at times come up with most creative things during running)
Energy (I have more energy when I am done)
Happiness (When I get done I am so glad I did it)

There are many people that are now doing triathlons and running when I asked “hey you want to run or do a Tri.” who said, “I will never do that.” Well alot of them are now doing them and I think it is great one is John Gregory, who came down and did a 5k from Florida last week with me. Check out his blog on an amazing “ministry” dealing with running.

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