Learning Part. 2

    Here is day 2… This one is has seriously changed how I think about and execute ministry. I am still trying to apply this to my daily life though. I am still working on it…

    • Embrace this!!! The less you do; the more you will accomplish. We can do this by narrowing our focus to increase your productivity and expand your influence within the organization.

    Any time I visit another church or ministry I like to listen to the announcements, most the time they have way to many announcements! Remember the more announcements the more confusion, the more people won’t know what to come to. You should be able to explain your ministry in a simple way not complex that no one gets it.

    Also the more events you do the more people burn out and will not come to your key weekly events.. Figure out what is important and cut the rest.

    A great book on this is Simple Church.

    PS: I have a sign in my office that says “Simplify” it is a constant reminder.

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