Learning Part. 1

This week I am going to put some of my favorite quotes/sayings on my blog from different people or things I have read.

I hope that these can push you in either your walk with God, your life or whatever.

Allot of these seriously have shaped who I am today as a minister/friend/leader. Still working on them to be the Best I can for Him.

  • Leaders are not always the first to see the need for change, but they are the first to act. And once they move away from the pack, they are positioned to lead.
  • Leadership is about moving BOLDLY into the future in spite of uncertainty and risk.

I am a huge believer in these two quotes. A leader leads and can not be scared! If you are in a church, business or whatever and God has placed you in a leadership role then lead. If you get in trouble, fail or whatever then you must realize it is ok. You are going to make mistakes, because the ones who have been the pioneers in life, not scared of failing or getting in trouble have always been the ones to shape culture. So go for it!!!

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