Worry! Why do we worry… I think for so many Christians especially in ministry we tend to make it ok to worry. We think that we can worry and do ministry with worries like:

“will we have allot of people here today?”
“what will my boss think?”
“is anyone liking this?”
“should I be doing this?”
“am I any good at ministry?”
“should I be somewhere else?”
“what are they thinking about me?”
These are legit quotes that people in ministry have made, and maybe even you. Notice how they are all “I” statements. But they need to stop! It is hard to do ministry when you are constantly worried about things. God has put YOU in a place of ministry so go for it!
Luke 21.14 says “make up your mind beforehand not to worry.” (Jesus said this, by the way)
He is talking to His disciples, saying you need to figure it out before hand, that people are going to come at you hard, say mean things and treat you bad.
Keep reading through 19…. He says you just need to deal with it because “I’ve got your back.” He has our back… Read through the list above again and think HE has my back. We don’t serve man, all that we do is not for us or anyone at all. We are ONLY working for Christ, and HE has our back… If any of the above quotes happens, who really cares!!! You are working for Christ. Here is a good idea, TRUST GOD! He has never lied, won’t let you down, and wants all of you… GO FOR IT… TODAY!

“God wants us to trust Him because as our faith expands, worry shrinks.”
Craig Groeschel

2 thoughts on “Worry!

  1. Good stuff man…I’m not so worried about my christian role as I am my earthly role. I know I am here to serve others and be there for 8th graders, it’s my outside the church life, mostly my work or the, “what work God wants my to do” role that worries me dialy. Even though I am constantly telling myself God has a purpose for what I am doing I can’t ever seem to fully trust that God will take care of everything. But I am working on it and that’s probably why he is testing me now.

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