This morning I am not sure what I have done… I go into Starbucks to get 2 drinks and a banana loaf thinking maybe about spending $8.00 and I walk out spending allot more. Here is what happened. Step by step…

SB: “Good morning what are you having?”

MH: “Pumpkin spice latte, and uhhhhhh is peppermint mocha twist good?”

SB: “ohhh yes, you will love it.”

MH: “I’ll take it!!”

SB: “Would you like a pastry?”

MH: “Yes Banana loaf”

SB: “Have you heard about our Gold Program?”

MH: “yeaaa but I am not sure about it”

SB: “Well it gets you like 10% off of everything you buy…bla bla bla”

MH: “I’ll Take it!!!!”

So that is what happened… After writing this out, I feel like I’m to easy… Welp ohh well. I am now a GOLD member….

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