I get very excited about coming up with new ideas and fresh stuff. Many people say, there is nothing new and everyone has already done it. I disagree, Brian Mills and I had a great conversation about it the other day. We need to be innovative with all that we do.

There is an amazing article on this topic on Church Relevance. If you are in ministry read this PLEASE! Stop copying stuff and let God use you.

Here is a little taste of it:


Copying limits you from reaching your full potential- If you are copying, your methods are not customized to your ministry’s unique context, and consequently, you will fall short of your full potential.

Copying can misguide you to someone else’s mission- Whether copying a church or a corporation, copying will likely give you the results for their mission. Copying something that you do not understand the reasoning behind is dangerous because you make be achieving the opposite of what you hope to achieve.

It may no longer work – (1) It may be oversaturated. If everybody is doing it, people have probably become desensitized to it. Oversaturated methods are just clutter and noise.(2) It may be obsolete. Because intersecting cultures create innovation which creates communication breakthroughs which creates more cultures and speeds up the evolution of cultures, what used to work may no longer work because it could be obsolete.

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