Every Friday, I try hard to protect the hours from 8-10am. For the past 2 years I have kept this time for my sabbath. I just think that it is so important for everyone to take time for themselves and grow closer to God.

In our lives we can become so busy that we don’t ever stop. I am probably the worlds worst.

  • I got challenged last week to just go and sit on my couch and do nothing. Uhh yea right! That is so hard to do that throughout the week.
  • I also think at times we can fill ourselves with so much “stuff” that we don’t leave any room for rest and growth in God.
  • So what I do is on Friday from 8am-10am I try to have “white noise.” My phone is off, I don’t get on the computer, I don’t eat, I just chill prayer/rest/read.
  • Challenge yourself, get away have a place of your own and just shabbat Hebrew for Sabbath (שבת), “to cease”, it literally means to cease, to stop!
  • At Beach Retreat many people say that the favorite part of the week is “Silent Sounds” This is where we ALL spread out on the beach and spend time with God. I remember Tuesday of BR08, I for the first time in a month (because I made myself busy because I did not want to hear from God, crazy but true) just stopped, sat and prayed. God totally blew me away I just stared into the ocean and cried, but it was like a huge relief and He just comforted me, at a hard place in my life and I went from that moment and fell deeply in Love with Him.
  • Just remember if God (who really probably does not need rest) did it on the 7th day, so should we.

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