Perry Again… And my day…

I just read one of the most powerful posts to pastors. This is a post from Perry Noble who is an amazing pastor. My last post was talking about him, check out one of his latest blogs here.

I had a crazy day today: It went a little like this..

6:00 am – Woke up ate breakfast and read a little.

7:00 am – Rode 45 Miles on the ole Trek Equinox my bike (See Below)
8:30 am – Ran 4 Miles
10:00 am – Shower and made lunch
12:00 pm – Flag Football Practise
1:00 pm – Flag Football Game played (QB and Safety) won 32-6
2:00 pm – Flag Football Game 2 won 29 – 7
3:45 pm – Life time hot tub
4:15 pm – Target for some stuff
5:15 pm – Ate some dinner
6:30 pm – Went to Cinco – Morton Ranch Game
9:00 pm – Chilin at home watching the Horns smoke Mizzou

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