Jim Collins…

Jim Collins spoke at Catalyst here are some truths from his talk:

– The one thing that he finds in most fortune 500 people is humility, if its about you, you will not build anything great.

– The moment you have to micro manage your people, then you have made a hiring mistake. Micromanagement should bother you, you should not see it in your organization. You should free up your people.

– Stop worrying about your title and just do your job, without a title.

– Everyone has a to do list, but what about a what to stop doing list.
– How many key seats are on your bus, and what’s your plan to make sure those people fit into that seat on the bus.

– Take time and turn off all electronic gadgets, get some white noise.

– Greatness is from discipline

– Get young people to surround you in your decisions.

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