oh oh praise Him…

Feels like Christmas to me, I just woke up at 4:00am excited like crazy to get to Catalyst. Again this is my favorite part of the year…..

Lately God has just been teaching me so many things, I have been focusing on Psalm 113 and I can’t stop reading it and rejoicing in it. It begins and ends with “Praise the Lord,” and is used 6 times in 9 verses.

I can not stop praising Him, and this is not like all I do is sing (you wouldn’t want to hear that) I am finding ways and reasons to praise him that are new to me. I truly can’t God has put a Joy in my heart for the past week like nothing I have experienced in 29 years. My encouragement is this, today all day find a way to praise Him. Why, well we have no reason not to, He deserves it and if you read Psalm 113 you can see more reasons to.

Here is a video of David Crowder, with the Song O’ Praise Him…

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